Friday, March 6, 2009

Personal Permaculture Transcends Duality

A permaculture model transcends duality. This is a good thing. Duality is for training, it’s perfect for children, yes/no, right/wrong, good/evil, using polarities is the simple answer for young minds. Life on the other hand is dimensional, it can not be encompassed or artfully created from the limits of duality mentality.

As the mind develops it can learn to hold ambiguity, it can perceive gradations of grey, and understand value based on the relationship of elements within a specific context. Fire is no longer no-no-bad but rather an element or tool to be partnered with and respected.

Making the shift from a duality framework over to a systems approach is self empowering and it makes life more interesting. Under duality rule, there is no real choice. The only question becomes does one compile or rebel against the pre-described set of values. Follow the rule of church, parent, authority or not?

There was a time when I thought that the ongoing drama of my life was helping me to grow and was making me a better person. Later I became aware that the dramas were only allowing me to react to my life and keep me feeling productive while I stayed in the same place. I began to wonder if it were possible to grow through grace or if grace meant further stagnation. It took me a while, as the drama had its ways of trying to convince me, that it was my path to salvation. The drama was lying of course.

Personal Permaculture is an archetypal explanation of the answer to my question. Permanente, sustainable agriculture finds ways to arrange and support elements to create a culture in which growth happens. Our grove has self supporting systems which allow for healthy fruit production even when we are not home. One example would be mulch. We applied a thick mulch to the grove, which is still young. The mulch helps to limit erosion and weeds, it maintains moisture, and is habitat for some of our predator bugs. Predators in this case are the good guys. They eat the bad bugs which would damage the fruit.

Growth is a natural state of being. Life promotes it. But healthy growth takes a supportive environment. How as individuals can we manage the elements like food, housing, work, the needs of the body, to create a safe growth enhancing environment? Then, how do we include family, community, planet? The map which works for sustainable plant and animal systems can be creatively modified and apply to us.

What do you need to thrive?

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