Friday, March 20, 2009

Map to the map…or was it a vessel?

In reading this blog, one is looking at work-product. In another time I would develop the maps under cover of hermitage. Honing, testing, tweaking, then massive editing, (apologies for all typos) before anyone saw the map. The thing is, I believe that there is something to be learned in observing the process. I’ve even had a couple of people ask me how I set about mapping.

Without breaking down the process used to map (another day or blog), for those who follow along, I would hope that something can be gained, in observing the muddling through. First, I should explain that I can feel the connections. They are alive and intact both with in me and throughout the planet. What has to be mapped is how to bring others to the awareness of what already is. But if that were easy we’d be there, and we are not. Or so I’ve been told.

I’ve got a hunch that I’m losing everyone by telling them that in Personal Permaculture, rule number one is; view self and life as whole. If by chance, your personal wholeness is obvious, please write in the comment box, describe how wholeness configures in you. If wholeness in a given that would save a lot of time and energy. And we could use that as starting point.

Sadly I think that I could get more attention if I started with; “Every soul shatters into 16 pieces upon birth, and the point of life is like a big scavenger hunt, we need to locate the fractured 16. Then offer a ceremony to reconnect the part back into wholeness. Explain that once connected all glories and riches befitting an whole being would be yours, love, health, money, spirit, fame, I’d have to come up with 16 highly desirable words. With that as my map I would have a best seller. I could write it too, but I won’t.

Just for the record, no mater how well executed the map of the 16 fragments would be from the top (mind, idealized) down. The planet, our bodies, and our weary souls can’t take much more of that tired old map. Besides it’s been done and the planet had not been healed, and more importantly, it would not be my joy. This is. And so; Personal Permacuture begins in wholeness, whole planet, whole eco-systems. Without and within. No exceptions.

Now I have my skeptics. My Mother for starters. She can not imagine how I’m going to map Y’all into shape let alone wholeness and a sustainable oriented mind-set. I think, she thinks, Y’all are a mess and maybe even slightly dim. Or perhaps it’s me she thinks a starry-eyed granola-cruncher.

Me; As I write this it dawns on me that it may be less of a mapping project (masculine) than about container-building (feminine). Yes, that feels like the plan…

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GoldCoinGirl said...

Maybe it is both a mapping and a container-building.