Friday, March 27, 2009

Perception & Wholeness

I was awake last night thinking about awakening others. Not to my insomniac state, as that gets old but activating others to be wired into the web of life. To do so would allow everything else I’d like to download to go smoothly and seamlessly. Like the concept of personal wholeness.

Being in ones head, and thinking along the lines of thought which society has favored over the millennia, only leads to more of the same. On the other hand through meditation, joy, yoga, knitting, crocheting, weaving, disruption of the status quo, sex (when one can surf the opening,) enthiogenic plants, personal disciplines like Aikido and so forth, inroads are made into Right-brained dimensional perception. From the right-brain, one can become aware of intrinsic energy lines which run through everything. Everything including each of us. When one learns to navigate the energy which flows along lines an intelligents, independent of the linear, begins to unfold. The energetic side of the brain has an order, integrity, and an authority, but it is not derived though logic but connectivity.

What if the reason people do not experience their wholeness, is that they have been trained away from using the part of their brain which was designed to do so? I’ll attach a video link to A stroke of Insight, you may have seen it, where a brain scientist, Jill Bolte, maps her own brain and its potential to experience the energetic connectivity of life while suffering a massive stroke. One of the reasons she fought so hart to make her way back from the stroke was to let everyone know that ecstatic oneness was there for everyone.

When one is linked to the web of life, the knowing that comes with it, follows original pattern. Original pattern is the very nature of a situation or thing. It allows for thinking to move from idealized to integrated.

When I am connected, there is an energy flowing through my body, sometimes it’s low and steady and purrs like a cat. At other times its huge, and roars. It takes me having containers and body stamina to sustain the roar and even then I am grateful when it settles back in to the purr.
The moment I allow for thought or deed to stray, I’m outside of the lines. The energy shuts down. I’m naked in the cold with only my thoughts and ideas of what and how I should proceed.
Perhaps that why people fill every moment of their lives with chatter, music, TV, work, drama, puzzles, so as not to fall through the crack between worlds. When instead there could be practice disciplines to strengthen the inner containers to hold the energetic.

The two sides of the brain and the two worlds are one, energetic and linear, two sides of the same coin. They connect to the map to sustainable integrated self and planet in the most sublime way…
But that’s another blog.

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