Saturday, March 7, 2009

Personal Permaculture-It may not work.

I sent out a link to this site to my friends and asked for feedback. And I got some, very cool.
People said nice things about the site and content. Thank You. And good reflection was offered. Even better.

Christopher said; “You race through it all, and only people who already are at your level would get it and agree.” He wanted me to take my time. True. But for the moment, I’m just laying the framework and pissing in the corners. From there I can revisit it all again… and again.

Mary warned; I would be careful of your use of the word polarity and stated; “I have been working with a man named Barry Johnson who has mapped out polarities in a very different way, as an infinity loop that is self supporting and self sustaining.”

I thanked her as it was a good point. I was going to edit it out but it seemed more interesting to expand the dialog. While I am not familiar with the work of Berry Johnson, I did spend about 10 years exploring and writing about the Divine Feminine. The point for me was to reestablish polarity as a way to heal ourselves, and use the energy generated from the poles to create from a new paradigm and heal the planet. Perhaps Berry feels the same way.

I define polarity for myself from how it configures within my body.
Duality/Polarity as; This or That, Or, one of the two must go or die.
Polarity as; This & That, this one has an ecstatic, creative charge. Yhee Ha!

They are very different…like night & day. Hence, opposite polarities of the word polarity.

The third comment came from Mike, who argued; “Isn't Personal Permaculture an oxymoron? Since Permaculture is all about symbiotic relationships and biodiversity, and personal is of or concerning a certain person?” Hmmm, not for me it’s not. It’s diverse & symbiotic in here. Personal; as a whole element within the larger Permaculture, & Personal; containing a permaculture within. From the food the person eats, to the archetypes who argue what to eat, there are inescapable symbiotic relationships at play.

Guess what? This is an exercise. I am taking an established structure of Premaculture, a term used in sustainable agriculture and retro-engineering it as a structure to explore a systems based model for consciousness. It may not work.

I’m attached to the dialogue about the systems/symbiotic, ego/eco-structures not a perfect meld with the permaculture format, but I’ll take it as far as it goes. So far I’m liking it.

Duality was born of the idealized.
It came from the top down.
There was God, all good.
And that which was not God.
Permaculture comes from the ground up.
It works in nature, can it work in us?

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