Friday, May 15, 2009

Sustainable Elements of Self

In the cultivation of plants and livestock there are some known formulas for success. The first being good land. Obviously farming a chunk of rock like the one we owned in Sedona, (while not impossible) has its limitations, as would farming a frozen chunk of land or a sand dune. I used to think that I could add a few amenities and farm anything. Sedona humbled me, teaching that although I could add all kinds of organic materials and improve what little clay/dirt lived on our rock; only god made soil.

Then there is water. There are cultures like the Hopi who have thoughtfully established effective low water farming practices, something mainstream farming is slowly wrapping its mind around. Water conservation and management are essential to sustainable farming practice.

Sunlight is a must, unless perhaps one is farming mushrooms & air is also vital for thriving plants & people.

Which brings us full circle, in an earlier blog the question was poised: What do you need to thrive?

The answer for each of us is unique and evolving but when organized into sustainable systems rather than the more daunting to-do list, a grace can begin to take root.

The body has wants, needs & appetites ranging from exercise to sleep, food to shelter, sex, reproduction & everything in between. Care & feeding of the body alone can seem a daunting chore, then there are the abstracts like tenderness, dance, competition, play.

Family, friends, lover, community can all play a big role in body health. A friend to walk, play work out with, family & friends to prepare and eat healthy food & give warm hugs, community for parks, team sports, gardens, farmers markets can all show up to meet you & support body health. Doing it all by oneself can feel like a never ending to-do list or it could all be reframed as quality time with loved ones and great fun.

Friends, family, work & community should also play a huge role in mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration. If they do not… I’m a big believer in one’s right to choose.

Do not settle for less than true family, friends, career and community hand chosen to inspire, challenge and meet in those places one needs to feel met. Mysteriously, once one has really been met by life…, that resonance can be quantized and returned to life & loved ones.

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