Thursday, February 26, 2009


Traditionally used in reference to Permanent Agriculture, I became interested in the permaculture model as a way of integrating my lifetime of work with mystic non-linear realms with my life as a farmer, partner in green construction, and work in the Organic Certification Industry. Personal Permaculute was a happy solution to merging these diverse bodies of knowledge and understanding.

The rules for creating sustainable Permaculture can be applied as easily to a person as a plant, after all what are we if not advanced interactive bio-logical units? Our bodies are of the earth, fed by her plants and animals.., water bubbling, streaming, raining, forth.., air still, blowing, abundant breath, temperatures within the limited realms which we can thrive and survive, mobile plant units...with a mind capable of logical thinking...a heart capable of love...a spirit able to perceive the Divine...and creativity to birth forth our dreams.
A brilliant creation with the ability to create! Sweet.

Permaculture begins with wholeness. Wholeness of self, a plot of land, family, community, or the planet. Wholeness is made up of diverse elements (or parts). The Elements have a wholeness unique to themselves but not all parts operate under the same rules or support the same fields of play. Learning to identify and observe the elements, in self or a field of crop is essential to creating permaculture. With a strong understanding of the supporting elements, the field of life can be sculpted into a a dynamic sustainable system.

Keeping in mind the four foundational elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the fifth element, the quintessence... or that which animates them all. All things of body, mind, spirit, family, community and planet are relevant elements to feng shui-ing personal permaculture. Which means there is so much fun and potential to be found in exploring, sharing, and mapping all things.

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